Teralytics: Driving the Future of Human Mobility with Real-Time Analytics

Data is growing faster than the ability to process it. This mountain of data continues to multiply with no end in sight. While we have more information than ever before, it is worthless without the ability to analyze it and extract actionable insights.

Cities, transportation agencies and mobility services such as ride-sharing, and increasingly, automotive, today are merely scratching the surface in their use of big data to improve operations, infrastructure and tap into new business models. Unlocking powerful mobility data from cell phones is just one way in which big data can help us improve the way we understand the world around us to create a better quality of life in communities.

A company which leverages data analytics in transportation to create business value is Teralytics. Teralytics provides an unparalleled insight into human mobility to help mobility providers and cities evolve and offer better infrastructure, transportation, and experiences for the people who interact with them.

The company’s world-class expertise in scalable data technology and machine learning unlocks the full potential of mobile network data to transform the way people’s movement patterns are analyzed. Teralytics’ insights from aggregated and anonymized cell phone data are being used by a range of organizations and companies, including car manufacturers, ride-sharing companies, cities, transportation operators, urban planners, real estate developers, emergency response services, travel and logistics companies.

Since its founding, Teralytics partnered with nine of the world’s leading telecom operators as well as software and tech companies including ESRI.

Using Big Data Analytics to Understand Human Movement

Teralytics analyzes billions of signals from the most accurate indicator of human movement – cell phones. Their technology integrates with the infrastructure of the world’s leading telecom operators to capture billions of signals sent to cell towers from mobile phones.

As the one thing that most people have with them at all times, mobile phone signals are the most accurate indicator of human movement. The company analyzes this data at the source. By applying machine learning to the incoming stream of raw and de-identified signal data, Teralytics extracts unique insights into how people actually move within urban areas.

These rich insights can transform the way cities and transportation services understand their citizens and customers and empower them to adapt to the needs of a growing population efficiently. Teralytics has produced insights that have helped on a variety of cases, ranging from improved transportation infrastructure and operations to effective disaster response.

Meet the Team

CPO Georg Polzer, CTO Luciano Franceschina, and Professor Donald Kossmann co-founded Teralytics and led the company to international scale. Georg is responsible for Teralytics’ product strategy and vision.

CEO Alastair MacLeod is a technology business leader with a wealth of experience in data services, telecommunications and platform software. He previously held leadership positions in a range of technology and telecom companies. Alastair also has extensive experience advising technology businesses on growth acceleration.

The Mission

Teralytics believes that by understanding how people travel, the company can build better cities and smarter mobility services.

With growing urban populations, the need to improve or replace long-established infrastructures and systems become increasingly urgent. The company wants to tackle some of the greatest problems faced by rapid urbanization, such as traffic congestion, overcrowded, inefficient and static public transport, air pollution and public safety. By understanding how people travel, Teralytics builds better cities for the future and improves the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Challenges Along the Way

Introducing innovative solutions to revolutionize old problems means challenging how city and business leaders inform their decisions today. It’s a matter of changing the status quo for projects ranging from public transit investments to building new roads based on the real-time travel patterns of people instead of a decade-old survey. The company is educating decision-makers on how to use the rich information contained in the mobility data instead of relying on outdated processes and surveys.


Teralytics recently featured their insights on The Economist. The company was also spotlighted in-depth on TechCrunch. The company’s co-founder Georg Polzer was named in Forbes 30 Under 30. Teralytics received a great response for their work with a leading telecom partner in Germany for a study on air pollution using mobile phone data. The company is also thrilled with CEO Alastair Macleod presenting a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month.

Looking Ahead

The insights offered by the company has significantly helped revolutionize the way cities, ride-sharing companies and transportation agencies understand human movement across four continents.

In the short term, Teralytics has expansion plans in Europe with a focus on the UK, Nordics, as well as Indonesia and Canada. The company also has second wave plans to expand further into additional markets in Europe, Russia, China, and Brazil. Their data analytics platform is easily deployed within any telecom operator’s data center, so it’s a seamless process to scaling to different countries.