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3 Vital Strategies for CMOs in 2019

As marketers, we need to battle now like never before to catch our customer’s attention. The average person in the US goes through more than 6 hours each day interacting with some kind of digital media. With ever growing interplay

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Top 5 Concerns for Big Data in 2018

In today’s world where the IT sector is booming, data is an aspect of research that is flourishing the most, yet is facing setbacks in terms of the value it offers to the people. The quantity of data that is

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8 Key Growth Strategies Your Analytics Startup Needs to Thrive

Every business today- large or small, requires analytics to thrive in the market and survive the competition. Consequently, demand for trained analysts and firms offering analytics as service are soaring daily. With fast-paced technological development, software development, and startup revolution,

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