Semeon: Accelerating Cutting-Edge Disruption with Specialized Text Analytics Platform

Alkis Papadopoullos

The latest disruptive innovations ensure delivery of the solutions that are needed to uncover new insights, analyses them, and plan instant actions based on the data. The world of analytics specifically text analytics has evolved with disruption in the market. In particular, the new features give organizations the power to execute their own programs, inculcating a level of control and flexibility which never existed with text analytics before. Semeon Analytics is one such machine learning AI-based company that specializes in text analytics.

Semeon helps companies discover insights across any type of textual data, public sources like tweets, forums entries, blogs or private, behind-the-firewall sources like survey results, transcripts, emails, etc.

Semeon was founded six years ago with the goal of becoming THE best text-analytics solution in the world. The company has built a unique technology, with a team of experienced data scientists, knowledge engineers, and top text-analytics and machine-learning developers, using homegrown and best-of-breed algorithms and techniques.


Excellence Personified

Alkis Papadopoullos serves as Founder and CTO at Semeon Analytics. Alkis has been a vocal advocate in text analytics for the past 25 years. He is an algorithm nerd, a general technology enthusiast and recognized by his peers as a text-analytics pioneer. He founded many companies in and around search technologies, computational linguistics and machine learning. He has extensive experience in bringing complex technologies in both a productized and solutions-centric approach to the enterprise market.


Redefining Industry Landscape

Semeon is redefining the landscape in artificial intelligence and machine learning but accepting one very simple fact: there is no single machine learning algorithm or deep learning algorithm. There are many and they serve different purposes and have different qualities. Having the ability to leverage different algorithms for the appropriate problem, such as insights analysis, threat analysis or risk mitigation, for example, ensures Semeon is at the forefront both in terms of precision and quality, in the fast-growing AI field. The company is currently working on its next-generation software suite that will set the bar for the competition in AI-driven text analytics.


New Horizons of Innovation

Alkis believes every organization today is faced with a growing amount of structured and unstructured data, and clients are expecting to be quickly heard. Also, authorities are increasingly asking for accountability, traces, and compliance around these lakes of data. Asking humans to sift through large amounts of data is not only very time-consuming and expensive but also is prone to human error. This is where AI comes in the picture. AI-based text-analytics allow the organization to respond quickly to complaints and be proactive regarding possible business threatening issues.


Game-Changing Analytical Culture

Semeon uses a unique approach of homegrown IP and best-of-breed algorithms. The company thrives to build applications that are not only usable by inexperienced analysts but allow seasoned data scientists and knowledge engineers trying to get the most out of their datasets. Semeon does not try to re-invent things that have been done already; the company builds upon them. Besides the fact that its clients are its most important partners, the company also collaborates on projects with market research firms, government arms, research organizations, news agencies, and other data-rich organizations trying to make sense of increasingly large and complex amounts un textual data.


Feedbacks Narrating Achievements

The company’s biggest achievement is, for a small techno-centric company like Semeon, to have loyal clients, that believe what company does outscore any other solutions they have come across. Semeon’s clients love what the company does, and it saves them huge amounts of manual labor. The company’s software gives relevant and contextual insights, with unparalleled precision without the configuration overhead needed with other vendors.


Overcoming Challenges

Alkis said like any small companies or startups, the biggest challenge is to quickly read the market and build a monetizable product that addresses real pain points while keeping the R&D going to stay ahead of the curve. This is especially true in the AI field, as Semeon is competing with extremely well-funded organizations. “The good news for us is that what we lack in funding, we have in know-how and skills. Our team is experienced and passionate about the field. We successfully kept growing with minimal funding and we are very excited about what we will be releasing in 2019 and 2020”.


Bright Years Ahead

Alkis opines that AI-centric technologies will become ubiquitous in all aspects of business operations in the near future. Companies are actively looking for commercial applications for emerging technologies in the field. Semeon is at the forefront of this wave, for analysis of complex and heterogeneous textual data, building on years of know-how and science. The company believes Semeon will soon be known as not only an important player in text analytics but as a reference in terms of precision and quality in AI-driven machine-learning applications.