PYCO: Providing Personality Data Solutions that Define the Industry Standards

Marketing these days has become more personalized. The more personalized marketing efforts and solutions are the more customer retention and increased sales. In order to come up with personalized marketing strategies, the company needs a lot of data. Data about consumers, its target audience, purchase patterns, etc. How about using technology/science to know more about your consumers?

PYCO is a personality AI science company which has invented an intelligence algorithm that reveals every individual’s personality type instantly. No questionnaires. No interviews. No tests. The entire process runs using data science, machine learning, deep learning, and AI techniques.

PYCO has essentially operationalized 100 years of psychology work using AI. Former attempts at employing the power of personality data have been restricted by the necessity of extensive tests, surveys, and questionnaires. After years of research and development, all of these cumbersome tasks have been replaced by PYCO’s 1,500-page, deep learning intelligence algorithm. The parallel computing machine has taken over and has effectively made the impossible possible. Nearly every adult in the United States has already been scored by PYCO.

Presently, PYCO offers personality data to marketers aiming to improve response and engagement rates of their omnichannel campaigns. Besides working with marketers, PYCO has started working with major corporations to create custom AI-driven digital solutions and products for their competitive marketplaces.


The Quest of Innovation

PYCO’s mission is to score and organize every adult’s personality type information and make it universally practical as well as accessible. The journey was tough. The algorithm broke down a gazillion times because of statistical distribution stability issues. The thought of giving up came to mind several times during the course of its work. The company eventually cracked the code after writing 1,500 pages of programming codes. All in all, it took 7 years to reach its goal, but it will never stop innovating and improving.


Determined and Consistent Leader

Without Yen Lee’s determination, drive, and heavy involvement, PYCO would not be here today and its machine learning AI would never have been created. Many would have given up during the 7-year-long journey that its team endured; Yen, however, had other plans. He worked tirelessly and meticulously to perfect the accuracy of the personality machine learning AI that’s solidified PYCO as an industry trailblazer. Lee believes that, “Leadership, dedication, and perseverance is what it takes to achieve results.” Currently Yen Lee is serving as Chairman of PYCO.


Resolving Complexity of Industry Problems

PYCO’s message to the industry is that solving complex problems is now possible with AI. By braving the storm of uncertainty and persevering through what many would consider an R&D purgatory, it hopes to inspire its fellow scientists and innovators in the AI space.

Scientific evidence consistently shows that messaging, advertising, and/or content matching the personality profile of a desired audience increases response and engagement. Because the company refused to give up, its clients are able to communicate more effectively with their customers by leveraging PYCO personality data. The company believes that because its data is so accessible, it has democratized the acquisition landscape allowing SMBs to compete with the behemoths that are so frequently responsible for their demise.


Constant Change of Reality

Yen feels disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning undoubtedly have already impacted today’s innovation in medical science, facial recognition, fraud detection, and business communication. It is important to learn and accept that only through disruption comes change—the change for the better for all living beings hopefully.

The biggest impact of disruptive technologies on companies like its own is perhaps the constant rewriting of what reality is at any given moment. Solving a problem or fulfilling a need of last year, or month, or even yesterday is inconsequential if the problem or need no longer exists.


Customized Intelligent Algorithm

The data scientists at PYCO, Inc. and sister company pLookup, have created a proprietary intelligence algorithm capable of tailoring all client and prospect communications to suit the personality type of each individual resulting in observed incremental lift in response and engagement. It has staked its claim at the intersection of marketing and science with a powerful, insightful, and cutting-edge solution.

“Simply put, no other product or service on the market is at its level. Many will attempt to stand on its shoulders, and it encourages them to try, but they will find that without a firm grasp of the company’s proprietary technology and deep understanding of pioneering psychologists such as Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow, their efforts will likely be fruitless,” said Yen.


Transformation of Everything Around

Yen believes the AI industry as a whole will continue to grow, expand, evolve, and transform to some forms that the humans cannot currently comprehend. Take a startup company like PYCO. By operationalizing 100 years of psychology work through the implementation of AI, it has reached a place in time that the innermost workings of any adult human can be determined in an instant. Its ability to revolutionize the use-case for psychographic data demonstrates that there is no limit to what can be achieved with AI.

Unfortunately, limitlessness means that AI is not confined to an altruistic path. In the wrong hands, AI could cause mass manipulation and/or devastation. Governing bodies may be required to monitor the industry should danger present itself. Many conclude that this time has already come.

At PYCO, it takes the utmost precautions to prevent manipulation through the use of its powerful, ground-breaking discoveries. Each request for access is carefully considered and in more than one instance it has felt compelled to deny access to some entities based on their desired outcomes.


Decoding Public Personality Traits

The key challenge PYCO faces will always be about ethically-sourced data.  As the company continues to expand into many different industries, it wants to make sure that the company and its partners are proactively protecting personal data. Personality data is so powerful that it can help us unearth many deeply-rooted behaviors and thoughts that consumers rarely display in public and thus, its capabilities, as well as the data it generates, must be carefully guarded.


Honest Feedback by Clients

PYCO was recognized by the Direct Marketing Association as one of the top 10 finalists for their coveted Early Stage Innovation Award. The company is honored to have been included and grateful for the doors that opened as a result.

In terms of its clients, a non-profit organization that had no previous experience using psychographic data, received a 7X incremental lift in monetary donations. An insurance company experienced a 6X incremental lift in policy acquisition. In addition to making money for its clients, it also enjoys helping them save it. Case in point, an advertising agency took over a year to research, find, and understand what types of customers purchased pet insurance, whereas it took only a quick query run from PYCO to get the same answer.

The company’s clients are repeatedly amazed by the incremental lift in KPIs they receive for their personality-based campaigns as well as the similarity that exists between insights derived from its personality data versus costly and laborious focus group studies.


Potential Contribution to the Commerce

PYCO has great potential since the company can provide solutions to almost any industry. The company has already witnessed the early adopters using PYCO’s AI technology to achieve previously unattainable incremental lift and it can’t wait to have the laggards join the party.

PYCO’s greatest contribution to the AI industry will be its ability to connect to individuals as individuals and appeal to their varying deep-seated energies and basic world views. This way, brands are able to attain agreeance on a subconscious level, thereby earning trust and achieving previously unattainable rates of conversion.

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