Global Cloud Computing Market 2016-2022


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Cloud computing is on the cusp of a major revolution with enterprises quickly moving their work off-premises. Initially, cloud services were offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) models. However, with the voluminous increase in data, the service portfolio is growing through data centres operated by giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Oracle with a major focus on hybrid cloud developments.

The report titled Global Cloud Computing Market features an in-depth analysis of the overall cloud platforms in terms of market size, segmentation, end-users, geographies, competition, market metrics and service provider analysis.

The report includes a detailed analysis of the developed and emerging markets globally, service providers analysis along with market across each segment of Deployment, Service and Industry.

Objective of the Research

To understand Cloud Computing Market on a global scale by addressing the challenges faced by the industry with regards to adoption of cloud computing services globally. To estimate the present size of the Cloud Computing Market and to forecast its future values and realize how drivers, constraints, opportunities and challenges would impact various business functions

Scope of the Research

•   Current market size for 2016 and forecast till 2022

•   Strategic analysis and market focus

•   Competitive landscape analysis

•  Latest market and technology trends

•   Market developments covering M&A, Investment, funding, etc

•   Competitor analysis and profiling

Forecasting Method

•   Understand the market mechanism for the market through structured, systematic and detailed established norms

•   Market estimation through time-series forecasting and other techniques. Use of R and other programming languages to validate the forecast data

•   Using expert-opinion from CXO level executives of leading players to validate the estimates.

•   Rigorous quality check before final publication

Regions Covered

•   North America (US, Canada, Mexico and others)

•   South America (Brazil, Argentina and others)

•   Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Russia and others)

•   Asia-Pacific (Australia, India, China, Japan, and others)

•   ROW (Middle-East and Africa)

How the report helps:

•   Understand the Cloud Computing Market for 2016 and hence forecast the same till 2022

•   Determine the market across different segments such as Deployment (Public Cloud, Community Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud), Service (Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as Service, Software as a Service), Industry (BFSI, Government, Public Administration & Utilities, Telecom And IT, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Others), and geographies (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle-East & Africa) till 2022

•   Perform a service provider analysis for retail analytics vendors

•  Which regions and countries drive the market growth and why?

•  How the market drivers, constraints and future opportunities affect the market dynamics and growth?

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