Data Artificial Intelligence Market 2017-2022


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Artificial Intelligence is inarguably the most popular of the technologies right now. 2050 is the year marked by the experts by which time artificial intelligence will be able to perform each and every kind of human activity. Already intelligent machines are contributing significantly to the daily operations of big and critical industries. Like for instance, the information security world is forever short on skilled human capital which eventually exposes systems to criminality. But with the intrusion of AI the scene has drastically changed with the first-generation AI solutions providing value creation from massive data and threat detection features.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term which includes technologies like machine learning, deep learning, big data, virtual agents, speech recognition, to name a few. Most of the initial artificial intelligence efforts are making use of machine learning which in turn requires lots of data.

The report titled Global Artificial Intelligence Market features an in-depth analysis of the overall market in terms of market size, segmentation, end-users, geographies, competition, market metrics and service provider analysis.

The report includes a detailed analysis of the developed and emerging markets globally, service providers analysis along with market across each segment of techniques, offerings and end users.

Objective of the Research

To understand the artificial intelligence market on a global scale by addressing the challenges faced by the industry with regards to adoption of artificial intelligence in different functions and industries. To estimate the present size of the artificial intelligence market and to forecast its future values and realize how drivers, constraints, opportunities and challenges would impact various business functions

Scope of the Research

•   Current market size for 2016 and forecast till 2022

•   Strategic analysis and market focus

•   Competitive landscape analysis

•   Latest market and technology trends

•   Market developments covering M&A, Investment, funding, etc

•   Competitor analysis and profiling

Forecasting Method

•   Understand the market mechanism for the market through structured, systematic and detailed established norms

•   Market estimation through time-series forecasting and other techniques. Use of R and other programming languages to validate the forecast data

•   Using expert-opinion from CXO level executives of leading players to validate the estimates

•   Rigorous quality check before final publication

Regions Covered

•   North America (US, Canada, Mexico and others)

•   South America (Brazil, Argentina and others)

•   Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Russia and others)

•   Asia-Pacific (Australia, India, China, Japan, and others)

•   ROW (Middle-East and Africa)

How the report helps:

•  Understand the retail analytics market for 2016 and hence forecast the same till 2022

•  Determine the market across different segments Including: Technique (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics, Digital Personal Assistant, Querying Method, Natural Language Processing, Context-Aware Processing); Offerings (Hardware, Software, Services); End-User (Agriculture, BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Automotive, Retail, and Others)

•  Geographies (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle-East & Africa) till 2022

•  Perform a service provider analysis for retail analytics vendors

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