Opportunities in Blockchain Technology


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Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention so far. The technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, helps a group of computers maintain an auditable ledger of transaction on anything. The transactions are maintained in such a way that they remain transparent between all the parties involved.

In blockchain, there is no central or regulatory authority to conclude the transactions. Each transaction is a block held by various people and the chain of blocks are visible to everyone in the transaction history. These peer-to-peer networks enable developers to create markets for transactions of goods and service across various industries. The advantage of blockchain is that there is no middleman and this significantly reduce the time to perform the transactions as well as the cost and labour involved.

The report covers a detailed insight on the blockchain technology and helps to address the challenges involved to implement the technology in your organization. Moreover, it features the following:

•  Gain a deeper understanding of the technology with use cases

•  What is the difference between bitcoin and blockchain?

•  Structure of Blockchain technologies

•  Which industries are reaping the most benefit?

•  Deployment pros and cons

•  What is the outlook of the technology?

Unique benefits of the report

•  Case studies of industry leaders and global experiences

•  Brief profiles of top five industry players operating in the blockchain ecosystem

•  Case study of blockchain implementation across various application areas

•  Discover how blockchain could be applied to different industries

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