NITI Aayog Plans to Launch National Data and Analytics Platform

by April 9, 2018

The Government of India is planning to launch advanced technological platform that would analyze and interpret humongous data to understand spending patterns, revenue expenditure, citizen’s perception and the success phase of government policies. The platform will be developed by NITI Aayog in collaboration with private players.

Data will be pooled from central and state ministries which will be more inclined to policymaking. Niti Aayog also aims to incorporate artificial intelligence for deeper analysis in the technological platform. The platform will be a sole hub for the public as well as policymakers.

To develop the National Data Analytical Platform (NDAP), Niti Aayog has agreed to enter into a public-private relationship on “Build Operate Transfer Basis”. The organization will select consulting firms to develop the platform through competitive bidding. Most of the international companies such as IBM along with Indian companies like Wipro, TCS are likely to bid to develop the platform.

Currently, the Ministry of Information Technology holds tremendous datasets on its portal but lacks analytical potential. With the new platform, existing secondary data sources can be used for analysis to get deeper insights. This will bring a disruptive change in the decision-making and success of government policies.

The platform is expected to have international security standards for data protection. The estimated cost for NDAP revolves around INR 50 to 100 crore and will be funded by the Aayog.

Use of AI and analytics in government will enhance the decision-making in policies of the governing body along with timely monitoring of the stages of each policy. It will help to amend changes and take corrective action when required, ensuring better.