Narrative Science: The Leader in Natural Language Generation Technology

Narrative Science helps people understand and communicate what is most important in their data. By transforming data into insightful, human-like language, the company’s natural language generation (NLG) technology enables people to be data-driven without needing to be data literate. As the leader in NLG for the enterprise, Narrative Science works with customers including Credit Suisse, Deloitte, MasterCard, USAA, and members of the U.S. intelligence community, empowering them to make better decisions, focus talent on higher-value opportunities, and create differentiated products– all through the power of data storytelling.

Narrative Science’s mission is to empower people to work smarter and realize their greatest potential by automatically transforming data into a powerful asset– information that is packed with relevant insights, written in conversational language, and generated at machine scale.


Transforming Data into Insightful Narratives

Unlike technology that requires the user to interpret and explain insights from data, Narrative Science’s NLG platform, Quill communicates the way humans do— analyzing the data to identify what’s interesting and important and then automatically transforming those insights into relevant, intuitive, and timely information— generating insightful narratives at a scale not possible by humans.

The company aims to make its technology as seamless as possible– easily integrating into the client’s existing data analytics and reporting environments, as well as enabling them to create their own digital products by incorporating NLG into their language interfaces.

Narrative Science is also dedicated to serving enterprises, with software that handles massive data volumes, adheres to complex reporting requirements, and has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Competency Partner status and SOC 2 compliance– trusted by the world’s largest organizations in some of the most highly regulated industries.


An Inspiring Leader

Keelin McDonell serves as the Vice President of Professional Services at Narrative Science. She is dedicated to ensuring clients have exceptional experiences with the company and its technology. At Narrative Science, the team has led the charge of creating the new technology category of NLG. One of the things the company learned early-on regarding category creation is that the level of services and support needs to be higher because one really needs to prove the value. Keelin and her team make sure the software and value capture around the software is as high as possible by pioneering a services model that identifies the best ways to use NLG, evangelizing the value with the customer, and making sure Narrative Science is using the customers’ feedback to drive the road map for its products and services.

Keelin’s journey at Narrative Science began in 2011, as one of the company’s first employees, within the client services team. “As we were transitioning from a media-centric customer base to an enterprise-oriented one, we needed a larger services team with experience in domains such as financial services and the government to provide a more comprehensive experience for our clients. Since then, I’ve helped grow our services team from a handful of employees to a robust Customer Success department”, said Keelin. Her team not only creates NLG solutions for clients, but really acts as stewards to guide each client through the lifecycle of education, solution development, on-boarding, installation, support, and then continually ensuring they are receiving as much value as possible from our technology.


Delivering Exceptional Business Value to Enterprises

Narrative Science’s NLG technology delivers information from data that is relevant, intuitive, and timely– empowering people to be data-driven without needing to have expertise in data analysis or interpretation. By automating the communication of data insights into insightful narratives, the company help enterprises make better decisions, focus talent on higher-value opportunities, create differentiated products, and realize untapped potential.

As the leader in NLG, the company has developed different products and partnerships to help its enterprise customers. Narrative Science partners with its clients and co-develops language-as-an-interface products so they can engage with their customers. Narrative Science partners with leading BI and analytics companies, like Tableau, Microsoft, and Qlik, to integrate NLG into their visualization product interfaces, delivering insightful narratives alongside existing charts and graphs. Narrative Science partners with Global Alliance Partners, including Deloitte as part of their Deloitte Catalyst program, where it ideates NLG-powered use cases the company can use internally as well as bring to clients. Narrative Science also partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of its Machine Learning Competency program, where the company delivers cloud-based NLG solutions to some of the largest global enterprises.


Business Excellence and Global Recognition

In 2017, Fortune listed Narrative Science as one of the 50 companies leading the artificial intelligence revolution and CB Insights named Narrative Science to their top 100 most promising AI companies in the world. Additionally, Narrative Science received the Chicago Innovation Award which celebrates the most innovative products and services in Chicago. Narrative Science also received Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status owing to recognition for delivering innovative AI solutions to enterprise clients.


Challenges Executed by Narrative Science

Commenting on the challenges Keelin said, “Our biggest challenge, and opportunity, has been associated with creating the category of NLG. When we started, the technology was not well understood, so we needed to spend time upfront to first educate and then position the value. As the market has grown and awareness has spread, we can now focus more on the value upfront”.


The Future of Communication Powered by NLG

NLG is a disruptive technology that delivers the last mile in the big data and analytics spectrum by enabling machines to speak our language so that we don’t need to learn how to speak theirs. Narrative Science envisions a world where every data-driven communication will be powered by NLG. In the near-term, the adoption of NLG within business intelligence platforms and customer-facing applications will accelerate. The company is already making this happen through its integrations with data visualization platforms such as Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Sisense, MicroStrategy, and many others.

“Beyond this, we imagine a world where our interactions with technology are conversationally-based. Think Alexa, Siri and chatbots– but for the enterprise. Imagine a scenario, where a salesperson checks her pipeline status within her CRM application, she’ll be able to ask, “How am I performing compared to my colleagues this quarter?” and “Where should I focus my efforts to ensure I reach my quota?” The application, powered by NLG, will be able to respond immediately, with an explanation and sound advice she can understand and act on in an interactive, conversational manner”, believes Keelin.