Most Innovative Companies in Machine Learning

by October 11, 2017

Today, there is no second thought about the fact that technology is driving the world. Human lives have evolved to a whole new level, with the development of tech tools. Computers and artificial intelligence simplified certain things to unimaginable ones, by automating many things and related processes. The evolution has taken years to achieve the same, but yes, the peak is yet to be attained. Machines are being taught to deliver their best with more sense and sophistication, and for doing so deep technical competence is required. Here, a company’s expertise and resources are of paramount importance. We have summed up a few of the companies that have attained the pinnacle of success in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


1) Google

Google has to perform worth of its name, and Mr. Sundar Pichai-led company is heading with the proud in machine learning segment. The company has a number of accomplishments to its name, but still, the persistent vision with consistency has compelled Google to develop super popular products like Android and Chrome. It has a long list of high grossing pearls like YouTube, Maps, Gmail and much more. The Alphabet division was specifically established to rule over service software segment. Google’s unbeatable self-driving car and online advertising services has the key to unlock new ventures in machine learning. Hopefully, we will witness the golden glory of same.


2) IBM

IBM is yet another big fish in the market. The company is widely recognized for well-established research and development teams. The last decade has turned out to change over for IBM as it has entered into software and related services adding onto the conventional hardware business of theirs. These days, IBM is well focusing on the cloud computing and machine learning segment. Since from the launch of Watson, the picture today in 2017 is totally different. As per reports, Watson is working tremendously well with cancer patients and having over 400 million patient’s data.


3) Baidu

On the footsteps of other big giants, Baidu, a China-based search engine service provider has launched their machine learning products in the market. Mr. Andrew Ng, a former Google executive is now the head scientist at Baidu. In 2016, Baidu cleared its future plans at Stanford University, Washington by publishing an academic research proving that voice input is more precise and quicker than human keying on smartphones.”


4) SoundHound

Hound Virtual Assistant, an artificial intelligence product by SoundHound was launched in 2016. The Hound has its working tactics based on the same platform as that of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. There are already around 21000 developers on the Houndify platform, with service integration of over 100 domains. Big giants like NVidia, Samsung have already implemented it as their working artificial intelligence products.


5) Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra, a leading company in machine learning and image analytics has proved its existence by recently launching its product, ‘Profound’. The service is intended to help millions of users receive instant medical image analytics by using the web. It can be used by uploading medical scans and reports over Zebra’s online service. The service has got tremendous popularity right from the launch due to its utility.


6) Prisma

PRISMA works on the path and objective to develop the machine learning theory and algorithms to dig into facts. The company targets to cultivate a working structure to deal with time-based changing aspects, grounded on graphical models. PRISMA is working for a developed theoretical framework that will be assessed in applications from numerous important areas of the current digital civilization.


7) Iris AI

Iris, headquartered at, Oslo, Norway is a leading service provider. Since from the launch of the company, around 100,000 people have implemented its service, with 10% becoming permanent users. Research has proved that Iris can expurgate the resources to be used for scientific study by about 40 %. Iris performs best with complex scenarios by saving effective time.



Undoubtedly, machine learning and artificial intelligence have a tremendous potential to be uncovered yet. The everyday improvements in the field have no limits bound. All these developments have made the human lives much simpler. There is no doubt that the coming future is even brighter. The healthy competition among those companies did miracles and will be doing in near future. Till then, the above-noted companies can be watched for sure.