Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation

The world is being transformed by new technologies which are redefining the way we live and work. Industries are now rapidly leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create new models and unleash improvements in processes. The resulting transformation is ushering in a new era of how companies run their operations and engage with customers globally. LatentView Analytics is one of the fastest growing data analytics firms delivering solutions that help companies drive digital transformation and use data to gain competitive advantage.

With analytics solutions that provide a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, fuel machine learning capabilities and support AI initiatives, LatentView Analytics enables global brands to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates, optimize investment decisions and turn unstructured data into a valuable business asset.

Since its inception, the company has uniquely addressed the market demand for big data analytics solutions and services, attracting some of the most recognized brands in the world as its clients. Global leaders such as PepsiCo Inc., Microsoft®, Whirlpool, PayPal, and Expedia, have tapped LatentView Analytics’ expertise to gain actionable insights from their complex digital and conventional data sources.

Customer Retention is the Key to Business Growth

LatentView Analytics’ growth trajectory can also be attributed to the company’s impressive 83% customer retention rate, and the fact that more than 50% of its new business comes from client referrals. This serves as a testimony to the trust the clients put in the company. The impressive retention rates and the average duration of a client relationship have allowed LatentView to invest heavily in understanding the client and their business.

LatentView Analytics’ customized roadmap is designed to move clients across the analytics maturity quadrant, allowing the company to grow with its customers as their digital acumen increases. By setting up Centers of Excellence (CoE), LatentView Analytics is able to demonstrate significant ROI on analytics spend from day one. The company believes in the principle that Business + Data + Math + Technology = Actionable Insights. LatentView Analytics provides customized solutions to suit various business needs. Some of the key drivers of its success include:

•  Specialization in business focused analytics

•  Expertise in unconventional data sources and cloud-based ecosystem

•  Cutting-edge, customizable prebuilt solutions with a scalable framework

•  Focus on innovation and thought leadership through partnerships and academia

The Futuristic Leader

LatentView Analytics was founded by Venkat Viswanathan along with Ramesh Hariharan (fellow IITian) and Pramad Jandhyala in 2006 with a vision to become a trusted data analytics partner to companies who are looking to leverage the power of analytics for deeper insights. In a bid to change LatentView Analytics from an entrepreneurial venture to a global organization, Gopi Koteeswaran was brought on board as Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Under Gopi’s leadership, the company has been evolving at a rapid pace, featuring on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards nine consecutive times (2009-2017).

Prior to joining LatentView Analytics, as the CEO of one of the earliest “wearable device” businesses, Gopi was able to understand the power of analytics in helping consumers reach their goals.

With his impressive track record of building global companies, Gopi has brought in a new perspective as an end-user of analytics from his previous roles. This, coupled with his international exposure, having lived in five different countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, and being well-traveled to over 50 countries across the globe has ensured that Gopi brings with him a truly global perspective of the international market.

Under his steadfast leadership, LatentView Analytics works as a trusted partner to enterprises worldwide, including more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, technology, media, automotive and healthcare industries. The company’s wide range of end-to-end analytics solutions, ranging from operational to strategic functions, help foster conversations with senior leaders, as they embark on their digital transformation journey.

Embracing a Culture of Innovation: From Ideas to Implementation

LatentView Analytics thrives in a culture of innovation and research to capitalize on the data-driven nature of the industry. The company proactively deals with new technologies to support its innovation strategy based on the following pillars:

•  Innovation on the Job: LatentView Analytics channelizes and recognizes its employees efforts to ensure they are empowered to bring in innovation beyond their jobs – through knowledge transfer sessions, the Spirit of LatentView awards, innovative solutions, to name a few. One such example is SNAP – a voice-activated dashboard that was developed by teams in their spare time, shared with a larger audience and came in for much praise from clients and the company.

•  Structured Innovation through IdeaLabs: The company’s culture of research and innovation has also led to the set-up of IdeaLabs, LatentView Analytics’ dedicated R&D center, which aims to build market-ready analytics solutions. While innovation is an integral part of the company culture, IdeaLabs adopts a more formal and structured approach to innovation. It builds on solutions created by delivery teams, to make them more comprehensive and world-class.

•  Innovation through Partnership with Academia: LatentView Analytics has also established a data analytics lab in association with IIT Madras. The aim of the lab is to conduct advanced research programs and projects in data analytics. The data lab also develops thought leadership while advancing the capabilities of the entire industry. In addition, LatentView has also partnered with AlgoLabs – a platform created by the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) to expose companies to new-world techniques such as mathematical modeling and predictive analytics.

•  Innovation through Partnership with Business Leaders: LatentView Analytics has partnered with Pointillist, a leading customer journey analytics platform provider. The partnership focuses on enabling clients to rapidly discover customer behaviors, engage personally, and deliver a superior experience at scale. The company has also collaborated with Arvato Financial Solutions, a leading global financial services provider. The cooperation focuses on delivering services and solutions that help companies drive digital transformation of financial business processes.

Developing Skills and Building Future Capabilities

As a people’s person, Gopi has based the company’s core values on individuals, clients and partners and the larger community. The biggest asset of LatentView Analytics is its talented workforce. The workforce consists of some of the brightest technical and business minds from the top universities. They go beyond being analytics professionals and are rooted in a strong sense of social consciousness, with an environment that challenges them intellectually and empowers them to make a positive difference to the world around them.

LatentView Analytics empowers its employees to imbibe a culture of innovation through:

•  Self-learn Platforms: The company constantly encourages its talented employees to upskill themselves to suit the burgeoning market demand for world-class future leaders. LatentView’s learning platforms allow its employees to carve out a niche knowledge path that taps into their interests and strengths.

•  Internal Job Posting (IJP): Through its IJP platform, employees are free to apply for roles, jobs based on their skillsets, interests and strength, giving them global exposure and allowing them to play a strategic role in the growth of the Fortune 500 companies they consult for.

•  Social Engagement: LatentView encourages employees to build their skills outside the workplace. The company takes fun seriously – from its gala tenth-year celebrations, pizza lunches, gaming sessions to outdoor sports. The employees are actively involved in organizing fun, team-building activities that bring out the infectious spirit of the company. LatentView’s state-of-the-art office space which was recently awarded the Green Interiors certification (platinum rating – highest in category) by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was conceptualized, designed and executed by its analysts.

•  Corporate Social Responsibility: In line with its core values, LatentView Analytics strongly believes in being a part of the change it wants to see in the society. The company launched a formal CSR program to support the cause of education and learning. The LatentView Analytics team frequently visits schools and after-school centers to engage with kids there and help them to keep

Artificial intelligence: A Digital Transformation Accelerator

Gopi strongly believes that AI has the capacity to disrupt markets through the creation of innovative new services and business models, by bringing to the table actionable insights that would otherwise be lost in massive amounts of data. It sees patterns in data that even trained professionals can miss. Much of that data is unstructured. The insights allow companies to understand customer behavior and expectations and accordingly devise strategies and plans that address their individual needs—all this with a precision and foresight that wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

Early adoption of AI and machine learning for specific and clearly scoped out applications will enable organizations to create significant business value and set the stage for transforming business processes. As a pioneer in analytics, LatentView Analytics embraces these disruptive technologies and implements them in its solutions. This ensures that the company provides increased value to its customers through impactful insights and help them stay ahead of the curve.