Growing Demand for Robots and Increasing Career Opportunities

Growing Demand for Robots and Increasing Career Opportunities

The coming years will expand the scope of a career in robotics.

According to a Reuters report, North American companies are striving to keep up with the growing demand for robots. These companies ordered robots worth more than US$466 million altogether. The field of AI and Robotics is flourishing day by day and industries are accelerating the adoption of these disruptive technologies. The use of robots has spread from specific functions to more general tasks like the packaging. Hence, today there is a high demand for skilled talents in the field of robotics across the globe.

There have been surging demands for various career roles like robotics engineer, data scientist, hardware engineer, UX designer, robotics technician, and more.

As mentioned by Glassdoor, the national average salary of a robotics engineer in India is INR4,05,433, which is equal to US$5,586.

The good news for people planning to pursue robotics engineering is that the job role will not die out anywhere in the future. Instead, there will be more demand for such engineers. Here we are discussing the job role of a robotics engineer, and the minimum qualifications necessary to become one.

What Does A Robotic Engineer Do?

Robotics engineer as the name suggests is responsible for the designing, development, application, and operation of robotic systems and robots. High knowledge in computer science and robotics will enable them to create automated robotic systems and ensure their safety and economic use. A robotics engineer is involved in creating and managing robots and the algorithms that run them. The job roles might vary according to the needs of the company you are working for and the type of projects. As robots and robotic units are highly used in manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, agriculture, and other potential industries, their use and type might differ from each other.

Robotics engineers are also involved in researching the needs of their customers and automate the systems according to the user demands. They majorly use Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing to design the robots. A robotics engineer will be spending most of their day designing and simulating robotic designs to solve specific problems. There are a variety of specializations that exist within the career space of robotics engineers from just assembling the robots to efficiently implementing them.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • A degree in Engineering. This can be in branches including Electrical, Mechanical, and Robotics Engineering.
  • Knowledge of computer software systems and their operation.
  • A robotics engineer should understand Computer-Aided Designing and drafting.
  • An MS degree in Robotics is also preferred as this will enable the candidate to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.
  • Several companies look for excellent communication skills, complex problem solving, and reasoning skills.

The requirements will vary according to the type of specialization and companies. For example, Apple is currently recruiting robotic engineers, and experience in hands-on fabrication, mechanical fixturing, and troubleshooting skills are the key requirements.

Hence, if you are someone looking to carve a career path out of robotics, then the role of a robotic engineer is worth considering.

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