Improving Road Safety with Machine Vision and Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way businesses build products and provide customers with information. Solution providers are using AI to automate routine or inefficient processes, optimize existing solutions and offer new business models. Through the detection and analysis of data patterns, AI-powered platforms are providing insights that were not available previously.

The insights generated by AI-platform allow companies across industries to make informed decisions and the transportation sector is no exception. With the use of AI, vehicles have access to data that is weaved together from multiple data streams providing a comprehensive view of the driving experience. Capitalising on the trend, a company which is disrupting the commercial vehicle and driver analytics market with its distinctive artificial intelligence (AI) platform is NetraDyne™.

NetraDyne was founded in 2015 to bring increasingly intelligent, situationally aware cameras to connected devices around the world. The team is made up of experienced industry veterans that provide a unique balance of cutting-edge innovation with deep domain experience in bringing solutions to the market. The company has developed a ground-breaking artificial intelligence platform, Driveri™, that is transforming commercial vehicle driver recognition and fleet safety experience globally.

The Netradyne team is focused on improving road safety through the reduction of accidents and fatalities. Road accidents claim 17 lives every hour in India. An average of 1,374 accidents occurs every day in the country resulting in 400 deaths. The driver’s fault is the single most responsible reason for road accidents, according to data available with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. In an attempt to ensure road safety through driver monitoring, Driver™ was developed.

Fleet managers are turning to video-based driver performance solutions to avoid lost productivity and improve road safety for their drivers. Netradyne Driver™ is designed as a technology disruptor – leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Edge Computing – to provide fleets with an increased view of the driving experience, delivery of meaningful data in a timely manner, and especially producing data that can be utilized for driver recognition and reward.

Innovation at the Convergence of AI, ML and Edge Computing

Netradyne’s innovation is unique as it is one of the first mobile platforms that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing on to a single platform. This powerful combination allows Driveri™ to detect, reason and apply causality to collected events in the driving environment. Driveri™ captures and analyzes every minute of the driving experience, providing information around compliant driving along with quickly identifying risky driving performance.

The system provides meaningful data to the driver, fleet and management team – creating an environment for accelerated decisions. It significantly helps large fleet operators to ensure safety of the drivers as well as the vehicle. Not surprisingly, the convergence of AI, ML and Edge Computing provides customers with a high precision and highly accurate view of the driving experience.

Meet the Team Behind NetraDyne

The company is led by Avneesh Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO and David Julian, Co-founder & CTO. Avneesh has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering, and an MS & Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, both from Stanford University. He is passionate about converting research ideas into commercial reality. At Netradyne, his focus is on ensuring that the company uses the latest advancements in Computer Vision and Deep Learning in making roads safer.

David has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (EE) from New Mexico State University and an MS and PhD. in EE from Stanford. David sees near infinite potential for Computer Vision and Deep Learning to solve things from everyday problems to highly specialized use cases from automotive, healthcare and energy exploration, to recreation and entertainment. He is working to accelerate and make more of these a reality.

Turning Challenges into a Road Map of Opportunities

One of the major challenges that the company faced is on realizing the power of compute-heavy artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to process all data at the edge of in-vehicle devices. The team of Ph.D.’s worked not only to make efficient algorithms, but also to enable the algorithms robust across the US and India, and to reason about event causes. The development of systems which combines high-powered edge computing and available wireless bandwidth with the utility of highly accessible cloud computing to enable seamless end-to-end safety is completely new. Teams that are immersed in artificial intelligence innovation are breaking new ground with their ideas and development.

Proud Moments of NetraDyne

Netradyne has been recognized for excellence and innovation along many dimensions including transportation, big data and artificial intelligence. The company has received many accolades for its contribution towards these fields. In addition, to being honored with the 2017 Big Innovation Award in the Business Intelligence Group, the Netradyne team has a long history of innovation with the two founders; Avneesh Agrawal and David Julian together having over 250 US patents. Moreover, the extensive Driveri™ research & development team has already applied for 15+ US patents.

Future Perspectives

The Artificial Intelligence industry is making large strides in automating targeted use cases, such as voice recognition, language translation, and visual recognition. These enable fast scaling of services at a more consistently high level of quality and reducing the need for people to perform repetitive tasks. This is a continuation of the automation that started during the industrial age and before. Going ahead, the goals for general AI remain elusive and will need significant technological breakthroughs before they can be realized.

Netradyne is positioned to become a significant technology innovator within the road safety space. The company plans to further develop the capabilities of the Driveri™ along with utilizing the distributed cameras to capture and analyze road data to significantly advance V2X, high-definition maps, and autonomous vehicle development initiatives.