How Big Data Is Turning the Data Management Profession on Its Head

March 29, 2019

It is true that there has been a big data revolution in a short time period. As we speak, the data management profession requires innovative experts who seek practical and accurate solutions. Currently, no company can say that a data management status quo is a safe haven. The enormous amount of data trickling into the databases of each company is enough to drive innovation.

If we are to get the most from big data, both data managers and company owners need to understand where we are and what the future holds for this field. Becoming aware of how big data is turning the data management profession on its head is essential.


Preparing for Big Data

By now, big data engineers from well-known companies have adapted to the current changes. There are many new developments compared to a few years ago. Here are some of the notable changes according to the Active Wizards website.

•  Speed – the internet is the main channel for transferring data from one location to another. Today, we have 4G networks, and 5G is expected to roll out soon. This and other transmission technologies are expected to allow large data packets to move at lightning speeds. Therefore, data management experts must adapt to such speeds by updating hardware and various software to be capable of handling such speeds.

•   Variety – the way data is handled today is different from the way it was handled previously. Gone are the days when only a few tools were on the market. Most likely, what a data expert learns in school will be obsolete tomorrow after older technology is replaced by new solutions. Additionally, the market is now flooded with numerous big data solution tools; it is difficult to decide on the best option.

 •  Size – as the name suggests, big data is all about dealing with enormous amounts of data. Sometimes, it is overwhelming to deal with the numerous reports generated by the analysis software. But the managers have to filter out important information that is useful to the business for progress.

 •  Data storage – storage also varies from open-source databases that use cloud technology to privately stored data. The data managers have to know all the pros and cons of different data storage options that are available today.


Data Analysis and Interpretation

One complex area of big data is the processing and sorting of data into meaningful and useful information. Most companies hire data managers so that they can assist with the analysis and interpretation of data. With the current technology, there are many visualization tools that can be used after processing the data. The main reason why data experts should understand the best data solutions is to offer accurate results that are meaningful.



As a data manager, your profession is already turned on its head. You will agree that the revolution is very rapid and that you need to stay updated. Otherwise, your career will not be relevant. Businesses are looking for experts who are flexible in adapting to changes.