Gary Fowler: An Incredible Leader with Innovative Mindset Propelling New Frontier of AI

Gary Fowler

For a company to be efficient and productive, it is necessary to build a corporate culture with great leadership that takes care of its employees and the workforce. Nowadays employee engagement has become the most critical issue facing organizations. Evidently, the engagement of the workforce is directly proportional to the efficiency it has to deliver on a regular basis. To understand the needs and demands of employees, businesses are compelled to deploy real-time analytical surveys. These surveys will enhance one-one interaction between higher authority and regular workforce. With the implementation of effective artificial intelligence technology, companies will eventually excel in the world of disruptive innovation. is a company headed by profound leader Gary Fowler under whose guidance the team develops AI-powered real-time smart employee analytics and performance management system which helps organizations save millions of dollars by predicting resignations of key employees with 86% accuracy, detecting interpersonal conflicts, identifying toxic managers and agents of change, building success profiles, and more.

Yva is an intelligent “corporate health tracker” and recommendation system for managers, employees, and HR. The system is an AI-driven unique combination of communication data analytics and short weekly employee surveys. The system that has the power to bolster company health and performance while ensuring the employees’ satisfaction and happiness. “It also identifies the points of inflammation” and “fever” within an organization and helps resolve the issues ahead of time.


Victorious Leader with Eventful History

Gary Fowler is the Co-Founder and President of the company. He started the company together with his partner David Yang, Ph.D. Gary’s background has been centered on startup success and international operations, sales, marketing, executive management and business development in high tech, services and consulting companies. “We combined my previous experience with over 10 years of experience in AI communication analytics and Natural Language Company from David’s larger company, ABBYY to build Yva”, said Gary.


Strive to Thrive in the AI Industry

Yva combines corporate communication data analysis with 60-second weekly employee surveys, calibrating the continuous employee feedback (360-degree assessment and pulse surveys) with objective data analytics, or as termed as, the analysis of the employee “digital footprint.” This unique combination of subjective and objective insights allows the managers and the leadership of the company to make evidence-based and faster decisions, while employees receive continuous feedback on their performance and suggestions on how to grow within the company’s ecosystem. The AI system allows maintaining the happiness and satisfaction of the employees while balancing the system-generated insights with the individual opinions of the company’s own people.

“Human capital is any company’s most important asset. Losing a key employee who is highly integrated within the company can cost up to twice their annual salary; replacing a valuable employee takes a lot of resources such as time spent on recruiting, interviewing, and training of new candidates. Losing employees is a difficult spiral the company has to go down through if the employee is highly valuable; falling back into this spiral can stunt overall company growth and the integrity of the corporate culture”, said Gary.

When employees decide to leave the company, their communication patterns change in such subtle ways that a human eye cannot notice. Yva’s neural network can catch these minute changes and predict resignations with 86% accuracy, 6-12 months in advance, prompting executives to steps to keep the employee. The system is trained on “blind tests” using the historical data of employees who have previously resigned.

The system also finds the Toxic Managers and the Opinion Leaders within the company based on the employee communication data analysis. Toxic managers constantly disengage other employees and often account for the employees’ decision to resign. Through Organizational Network Analytics (ONA), Yva’s neural network finds the toxic employees and allows the leadership to prevent major conflicts and resolve existing ones. Similarly, the system recognizes the highly integrated employees or the “communication hubs” of the company who inspire their co-workers and subordinates.

The system also provides constant feedback for all employees through 360-degree surveys. Employees can participate in weekly short surveys and anonymously evaluate their co-workers’ strengths and areas of improvement. Based on this type of feedback, each employee receives an extensive report that reflects their co-workers’ opinions about their competencies. Through such evaluations, the employees constantly get recommendations on self-growth and self-improvement.


A Leader with ‘Always Be Learning’ Attitude

 Gary was 14 years old and bought a black belt that he put on the wall in his bedroom. He told his Dad that he was going to earn that black belt. Gary was not taking any martial arts classes at that time. Within two years, he became a Junior Judo Champion and by the time he was 27 he put on that black belt for earning it in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. He believes in ‘Never give up and always believe in your dreams’. Gary treats his teams fairly and does his best to support them. They, in turn, support the company and help to build success.


Attributes of an Innovative Chief

Gary did a Ted Talk a few years ago where he mentioned there are several things that are critically important for organizations and individuals. First of all, one must stay positive. Secondly, one needs to be optimistic where he/she wants to go. People need to visualize and convey that message to their team. One needs to be able to inspire his/her team and reward them appropriately.


Products That Stand Out in the Crowd

Gary feels the main goal is to identify the pain points of the people the company is creating these ideas for. Once you find a pain point, a sore, a problem they are dealing with but might not even realize themselves yet, that’s where you hit the jackpot. But also, that’s where the majority of the work starts. “It’s all about talking to the target audience on a regular basis, putting yourself in their shoes, and carefully crafting the messages that directly reflect the benefit they would incur from the solution”.

For instance, with Yva, the company’s main value proposition is the Resignation Prediction. Ask any executive what the negative effects of unwanted attrition are. No executive enjoys seeing a star performer walk away from the company. So, having access to over 10 years of experience in AI technology development, the founder-duo decided to streamline it to target this pain point and offer such a solution that will allow managers and executives to better understand their people and be there for them, keeping them happy and boosting their productivity levels within the company. No company is successful without its employees’ championship and enthusiasm.


An Extra Mile Towards Future

Gary believes as artificial intelligence solutions become a vital part of the company’s development and progress monitoring processes, the future will be all about “continuous sensing,” or about AI technology that hears the employees’ voices on a regular basis, uninterruptedly, detects the slightest changes, and provides real-time feedback for managers and employees to improve their decision-making process. is a perfect example of such futuristic (but modern) technology; it is designed to become employees’ or managers’ personal virtual helper, analyzing their performance, assessing their influence within their companies, and helping them leverage such powerful information to improve personal and overall company productivity.

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