Driving Innovation and Efficiency to Disrupt Logistic Management

December 3, 2019

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Client and Business Challenge

DUCIT S.A. was set up as the logistics company for the GIRE Group with an investment of US$ 10 million. This has been done to integrate the processes of armored transportation and valuables management. The set up was aimed at equipping all group trucks with cloud technology.

This innovative proposal, under the guidance of the multidisciplinary team, would promote financial inclusion and disrupt the valuables transport sector by increasing the efficiency of logistics, digitalizing all back-office processes, and enhancing traceability and security.

What DUCIT needed was just the right technological foundation to put the plan in place. As the client was seeking to reduce logistics costs by 30 percent for more-effective transport, it moved towards SAP’s innovative cloud offerings.



With DUCIT SA, SAP sought to establish a logistics company to integrate the processes of transportation of flows and management of securities. This was done to empower the companies of the GIRE Group, efficiently in the country.

The objective was to attain efficiency in operations in real-time, in all instances, from the remittance pickup, the receipt of the tickets in the processing plant for their counting and subsequent delivery, which would lead to more control and better decision making.

DUCIT chose a cloud-based platform which through sensors, allowed it to collect, store, analyze and process data in real-time from its fleet of armored trucks, equipped with modern technology and maximum security. The data was integrated with S / 4HANA on Cloud, the intelligent ERP platform and SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud, which feed the real-time decision boards, as well as with other company solutions.



•  DUCIT achieved the logistics efficiency, with an average savings of 30 percent in cash transportation costs and digitized, automated, and analyzed 100 percent of back-office and core business processes.

•  Along with 100 percent traceability and safety of transport trucks and their crew, the visibility and traceability of financial, accounting, and regulatory processes were increased.

•  It also mitigated the risks in software upgrades, maintenance, and interfaces.