Driving Innovation Through AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence

Datorama is a global technology company providing Marketing Intelligence solutions for data-driven enterprises, agencies and publishers. Datorama’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform gives marketers the ability to centralize all their data into one single source of truth. This automates reporting across channels and campaigns and provides marketers with a seamless, always-on optimization capability across every performance, impact, and customer loyalty key performance indicators (KPI). Datorama’s best-in-breed combination of end-to-end data management, data visualization, automated insights, and activations empower marketers to become an engine of growth for their respective business.

Datorama is a true product company. While the company has a professional services team available if customers wish to leverage them, it is not operating a services-led business model.

The Foundation that Paved the Way for Datorama

Datorama was originally founded in 2012 by Ran Sarig, Chief Executive Officer; Efi Cohen, Chief Technology Officer; and Katrin Ribant, Chief Solutions Officer.

The three co-founders had been working in the advertising technology (AdTech) and agency worlds in various capacities for many years and were consistently running into a significant roadblock: Data Silos. With an explosion in data volume and point solutions, it became clear that the old way of doing things via Excel spreadsheets was not going to last. After noting white space in the market for a platform that could easily bring in all of the marketer’s data assets together in one place, the founders put their heads together to cultivate a solution that would leverage AI to enable scale for marketing organizations of all sizes.

Since those humble beginnings, Datorama has grown significantly with a global footprint consisting of 16 offices. In addition, as a focused product company, Datorama has added numerous AI-powered solutions to its already capable platform.

The Driving Force to Success

Ran Sarig has been the driving force from the business’ start to its meteoric rise. One way Ran has been able to contribute to the company is through transparency and accountability. Naturally, as Datorama provides a data-driven solution that helps marketers optimize their KPIs, the company believes in “drinking its own champagne.” In other words, Ran has been sure to instill a culture where the global staff is setting high benchmarks to push the entire team to meet once unfathomable goals in a quantifiable and achievable way.

In 2017, Datorama implemented Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) across the organization’s departments and at the individual level. Ran has been especially transparent in tracking the company’s trajectory with ongoing all hand’s meetings that detail on how the organization is hitting goals, or if they need to regroup and optimize a particular element in the business.

This has inspired the entire staff to push the boundaries, in their own ways, which translates into Datorama making waves in the MarTech industry.

Solutions That Set Datorama Apart

Datorama is the only company to: 1) Apply AI to data integration; 2) Have flexible, marketing-specific data models that adjust on the fly with user’s needs; and, 3) Leverage AI technology to elevate critical business insights in real time. All in a productized way.

Innovation at Datorama is driven by the staff, which is consistently iterating on the product with releases every 5-6 weeks. This not only keeps the product fresh and meeting user needs, it also pushes the R&D team to continually think about how the Datorama platform can further drive value for marketing professionals in their day-to-day routine.

Tackling Challenges

There have only been two significant challenges since the birth of Datorama.

Primarily, it has been difficult to properly articulate the platform without it getting mixed up with other technologies that are similar in nature. In the MarTech space, there are about 5,000 vendors participating in the market and many of them are using overlapping terminology to describe themselves. Because of this and the use of sloppy language, there’s a lot of confusion and noise in the marketplace. Finally, in the past 12-18 months, Datorama’s brand recognition has improved and it is being represented more accurately than ever before.

The second greatest challenge has been managing the growth of Datorama. For four consecutive years, the business has doubled in size — every year. While this has resulted in becoming a well-known platform to help solve marketer’s biggest roadblocks, it also means the company is fighting growing pains that includes making the right hires as well as maintaining its unique company culture. With around 300 employees and plans to grow headcount by 50 percent by the end of 2018, it is not an easy task to keep its familial atmosphere intact.

Business Excellence and Global Recognition

Datorama’s innovations have been globally recognized by third-party research organizations, publishers as well as industry influencers. Here are the primary recognitions Datorama has received:

2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing | 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 North America — Ranked 35th | 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA — Ranked 18th | 2017 Deloitte Israel Fast 50 — Ranked 4th | 2016 Deloitte Israel Fast 50 Rising Star | 2015 Deloitte Israel Fast 50 Rising Star | 2018 Constellation Research ShortList for Marketing Analytics solutions — Q1 2018 | 2017 Constellation Research ShortList for Marketing Analytics solutions — Q3 2017 | 2017 DMN Awards — Finalist, Marketing Cloud Company

Motivating Words from Client

Client feedback has been remarkable and Datorama credits it to two factors: First, the company’s game-changing product, and second, its committed staff that wakes up every morning seeking to drive value for Datorama’s customers.

“There are distinct engineering capabilities within Datorama that other firms don’t have. Datorama makes data integration and unification uniquely scalable, agile and business user-friendly…we are impressed by that.” — VP, Marketing Analytics at IBM, Ari Sheinkin

The Future Ahead

Today, data is being leveraged across industries to better inform businesses in a variety of ways. From engineering to design to consumer products and retail, it is impacting every type of business imaginable. In the past several years, data has taken the marketing horizontal by storm, which is due to an increase in accountability for the department as well as a shift in the responsibilities of the organization’s leadership. Rather than being a cost center, marketing is tasked with becoming an engine of growth for businesses going forward.