Dotphoton: Redefining Industry with a Ground-breaking Image Compression Solution

Small is beautiful, and when it comes to sending media files it is a blessing. Compressed images are easier to store and transmit, saving a lot of time. A company which has developed a revolutionary image compression technology, outpacing the preeminent compression methods is Dotphoton.

Dotphoton specializes in image compression for professional applications. It reduces the image size by up to 10 times whilst guaranteeing its quality. To do this, Dotphoton optimizes the compression algorithm with respect to the individual sensor type. While artefacts generated from other compression techniques may interfere with processing algorithms, and in particular with machine learning images, the Dotphoton format is guaranteed to be artefacts-free and offers consistent and reliable results. As an additional bonus, images in the Dotphoton format are “device independent”: for each pixel, it saves the number of photons that hit it, and users get homogenous results from different sensors. This means that the machine learning model, trained with Dotphoton data works with any Dotphoton-qualified camera.

Dotphoton was established to apply some of the methods from the field of quantum information and sensors to image processing. The company started with compression and quality certification because it makes dealing with large image sets much easier. Talking to its customers, Dotphoton realized that the most existing image compression algorithms have been optimized for human vision and degraded in a way that can be problematic when the images are processed. The company then developed a format that is guaranteed to be artefact free for both humans and machines.


The Leaders with a Determined Vision

The company is spearheaded by Co-founders Eugenia Balysheva and Bruno Sanguinetti. They have very different profiles: Eugenia worked in communications before, and Bruno is a quantum physicist. However, they both share the passion for photography and were running a photography business before. With the growth of this business, the amount of data they had to handle grew and they tried different methods trying to resolve this problem. It took almost three years for Bruno to come up with the solution and one more year of common effort to start building a company by creating the first product and building the team. Eugenia today is Dotphoton’s Chief Executive Officer and works mostly on mass-market solutions, whilst Bruno leads business development as Chief Business Development Officer and helps the company to build a strong B2B client base.


Innovative Quantum-Inspired Solutions

Dotphoton is a solution for professional imaging, allowing data compression up to 10 times with guaranteed quality preservation. It allows saving a factor of 5–10 in storage space and network bandwidth, as well as the associated time, power and pain.

Instead of storing data in an arbitrary format, Dotphoton records the number of photons that have hit each pixel, making the data format uniform across different cameras. This allows advanced algorithms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to immediately be compatible with images coming from different cameras.

Dotphoton is based on four years of scientific research in quantum physics at the University of Geneva. It combines many insights from quantum physics where each photon carries a specific amount of information. The original idea came from Bruno who worked at the University of Geneva’s group of applied quantum physics. Dotphoton now collaborates with several other companies and institutions including the university hospital, the Wyss center, the HES-SO, EPFL and many of the local startups involved in imaging and machine learning/artificial intelligence products and solutions.


Improving Quality and Effectiveness

 Most of the Dotphoton customers work with big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. For humans to look at the enormous number of images that are generated today is clearly impossible, for machines to look at them is the only way forward.

“By improving the quality and reducing the quantity of data that the machine learning/artificial intelligence industries have to deal with, we are both speeding up existing solutions (what could be done in a week can now be done in a day) and enabling new ones. Initially, we thought that the money we help companies save in machine learning/ artificial intelligence for storage and infrastructure was our main advantage, we now see that we save them a lot of time which in a competitive market is even more valuable,” said Eugenia.


Awards and Praises

Dotphoton takes pride in delivering greater performance and innovation. The company is honored to be recognized for its success as it continues its journey. Dotphoton was selected for a Swiss Venture Leaders program (Top 10 national Swiss Startups), as well as a winner of the Venture Kick program for highly technological startups in Switzerland. Additionally, the company was selected for the startup challenge organized by IMD business school, where high-profile executives studying towards their EMBA provided the company with valuable coaching and feedback.


Transforming Risk into Opportunities

Eugenia feels the thickest wall to break is the lack of trust to compression from professional users. The number of image compression formats and previous bad experience in preserving necessary image information are often considered unreliable for professionals. Dotphoton has a significant advantage, having a scientific proof of information retention. Dotphoton can be integrated into existing file formats, adding extra value to existing technologies and facilitating rollout and adoption.


The Road Ahead

“Our immediate goal is to provide compression to professional photographers since RAW image data handling is considered as one of the major pains for professionals in the photography market. Meanwhile, we work on B2B compression services for aerial, biomedical and artificial intelligence industries. Imaging/machine learning and artificial intelligence are very exciting fields to be in right now, moving at an incredible pace. We hope to see our format widely adopted and besides compression, we are working on several exciting technologies that work particularly well with our format,” expressed Eugenia on the future plans of the company.