CONCURED: Transforming Content Strategy Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, driving innovations and enabling organizations to understand their customers better than ever before. Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms enable marketers to make sense of large volume of data and deliver better customer experience. Delivering relevant content at the right time can help marketers dramatically shorten the sale cycles and achieve significant results. A company which is pioneering in the field of AI-driven content marketing is CONCURED.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, CONCURED is the world’s first AI-Powered Content Strategy Platform that guides the ultimate content strategy to help maximize engagement and ROI. CONCURED uses Natural Language Processing, machine learning and deep learning to provide a SaaS platform that enables content marketers to audit, research, plan, distribute and track the performance of their content like never before.

CONCURED was founded to help content creators make data-led rather than opinion-led decisions. A scary amount of time and money is wasted in the name of ‘content marketing’ without any real understanding of what content is actually working. Decisions are too often made without the data needed to make the best, most profitable decisions. The company has developed its AI capabilities in one of the world’s leading AI hubs, Montreal. With commercial offices in London and New York, and multi-language capabilities, CONCURED is well placed to disrupt the multi-billion content industry globally.


A Passionate Leader and the Experienced Team

CONCURED was founded by Tom Salvat, CEO of the company. Tom previously led a number of content marketing businesses to drive significant revenues in Europe and the USA. Tom has advised a number of the world’s biggest brands on content strategy including J.P. Morgan, Deloitte, AXA, Amazon, and many more. Dr. Tom Wilson, CTO of CONCURED joined the company in 2016 to spearhead the development after a successful career in AI in Europe.

Moreover, the management board comprises of Kate Burns, Former Google, Buzzfeed and AOL CEO for EMEA. CONCURED recently hired a leading figure in the content industry, Peter Loibl. Peter previously served as the Vice President of Sales of Content Marketing Institute.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Drives Growth

CONCURED is leveraging the latest advances in NLP, machine learning & deep learning to help content creators create content that it now knows what its audience wants. Clients have seen an average of 30 hours saved per month, increase in performance of over 100% and through centralized data harmonized creative teams.

CONCURED is using NLP, machine learning and data science to effectively read content like a human at an unprecedented scale. This allows marketers to make better, more informed decisions by understanding its audience and deliver compelling customer experiences. The company essentially offers the ability to tap into the research of a million researchers every minute.


Awards and Success Stories

CONCURED has won a number of awards and accolades. One of the most notable being named one of the world’s top 100 most disruptive companies. The award was voted for by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle and UBER. Industry experts have been encouraged by CONCURED including Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose having said “CONCURED is one of the most interesting & coolest technologies I’ve seen in the content space in years”.

Customers have also seen a significant increase in performance with Head of Digital at Nationwide mentioning, “CONCURED data allows us to see exactly what topics we should focus on to engage our audience. This helps us to justify our decisions and gain buy-in from others across the business”.


Challenges Along the Way

One of our biggest challenges to date has been to educate marketers on the capabilities of AI and just how much it can help. The media often creates an atmosphere of fear with quotes like “AI is taking over the world” or “robots will take your jobs”. “The reality is AI can help marketers more than they know, and we need to educate our audience and highlight things they didn’t realize are possible so that they can get ahead of their competition and significantly increase performance,” said Tom.


Future Perspectives

Big data and AI have been around for years. A significant increase in computing power and the ease of cloud computing has enabled organizations to make sense of large volumes of data in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Analysing big data enables organizations to uncover previously hidden insights on consumer behaviors, choices, and also segments.

“I think that AI &big data is amazing for a more transparent, better educated and more informed decision-making. AI will continue to augment decision-making with unprecedented levels of insight that result in better results. Evidence = better insight to make more profitable decisions”.

CONCURED is growing rapidly and the company is very excited about the future. Technologically CONCURED is well ahead of the most players in its space and is dedicated to innovating constantly in order to help its customers make better, quicker, more informed and more profitable decisions.