AI is Leading Healthcare towards Remote Treatment in Israel

Microrobot solutions are acting as game-changers in the healthcare industry Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amplifying healthcare by resolving various issues. The complexity and growth of healthcare have taken AI as a solution for both normal and critical situations. Several types of

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How is Israel Leading the World in Computer Vision?

Computer vision is one of the most promising technology in today’s disruptive age, transforming industries and making lives not only easier but also more enjoyable. The technology has gained a lot of traction and a decent amount of investment. Its

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Israeli Defense System Adds Artificial Intelligence Capability into Its Spice Bombs

Rafael Advanced Defense System, an Israeli defense company, has successfully demonstrated a new automatic target recognition (ATR) capability to its latest variant of Spice bombs series, Spice 250, that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company enables Spice

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Flipkart Set to Augment its Technological Presence in Israel

India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart is set to double down on its tech base in Israel after acquiring Upstream Commerce, an Israeli analytics startup which provides automated competitive pricing and product analytics solutions for online retailers. Flipkart is fitting in a

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15 Reasons why Israel will be a Global Leader of AI over the Next Five Years

Israel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup ecosystem is undergoing an explosive growth, a move characterized by a major influx of establishments and talent. Over the next five years, Israel could be considered as the global leader of AI Technologies. The country

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How Did Cybersecurity Become a $82 Billion Powerhouse in Israel?

Israel regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land faces hundreds of cyber-attacks each month on its data systems and government websites.  Back in 2017, the Israel Defence Forces issued a rare press release that it’s elite

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Israeli AI Startup Hailo Expands Series A Round to $21 Million

Israeli startup Hailo, developers of a proprietary processing architecture for deep learning on edge devices, has expanded its Series A funding round to $21 million. Chinese venture capital firm, Glory Ventures, led the investment-round expansion and was joined by existing

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Top 10 Israeli Startups Leading the Race in Self-Driving Technology

The US, China, Singapore, Greece and Japan – All have been gunning autonomous vehicles since years now. Now Israel is another country to join the club. Israel has become a focus for car technology in recent years. Large companies such

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The Startup Nation Israel and its Top Startups

Israel’s capital Tel Aviv ranks sixth in the global startup hub rankings. Silicon Wadi the tech valley of Israel hosts 4300 startups. A desert nation surrounded by enemies and is short on water resources has managed to mark its place

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Press Releases

Guavus to Bring Telecom Operators New Cloud-based Analytics on their Subscribers and Network Operations with AWS

News Summary: Guavus-IQ analytics on AWS are designed to allow telecom operators to improve customer experience, cut costs, and grow revenue through the use of explainable AI (XAI) and advanced cloud-enabled analytics on subscribers and network operations. Telecom Marketing and

November 13, 2020

Baylor University Invites Application for McCollum Endowed Chair of Data Science

Baylor University is inviting application for the position of McCollum Family Endowed Chair in Data Science in its Computer Science and Informatics Department. The McCollum Family Endowed Chair in Data Science is a research-focused position in the Baylor University Computer

November 11, 2020

While AI has Provided Significant Benefits for Financial Services Organizations, Challenges have Limited its Full Potential

AI can boost the customer experience, but there is opportunity for financial services firms to take an even more customer-centric approach Mumbai, November 9, 2020 – COVID-19 has catalyzed financial services organizations to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer

November 9, 2020

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