China Claims Breakthrough in Quantum Computing Race

The trade war rivalry between USA and China is well known. However, since the past few years, both the nations are caught up in a heated tech race towards supremacy. This is also reflected with China putting its best to

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How COVID-19 Catalysed Decades Long Robotics Ambition of China?

With COVID-19 in effect, China has seen the rise in the deployment of more and more robotics applications. The impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the efforts of China in robotics proliferation. We all are aware of how the country has

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How Strong Leadership Strategies Can Mitigate Pandemic Crisis?

As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise on a global scale, modern technologies are once again proving to be their best investment when it comes to the survival of human civilization. All these years, when there has been much anticipation

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How Technologies like AI, Robots, Drones Help China to Fight Against COVID-19?

Technology has always been a double-edged sword for the humankind. As it, in one side, creates opportunities for innovation, on the other side, it reduces manpower. In the time of crisis caused by coronavirus, which erupted from China, technologies such

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India to Compete with the US and China Soon in Quantum Supremacy

The real quantum supremacy race is between China and the US among others, however India has also joined the club recently. India has joined a select few countries that chase Quantum Supremacy with a Rs 8,000 crore national mission to

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China is the New Leader of AI Venture Capital Investment

It might come as a surprising fact that there are presently 14 Chinese AI organizations valued at $1 billion. These unicorns worth consolidated comes to $40.5 billion, as per a report China Money Network released during the World Economic Forum’s

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Outpacing US, China to Gain AI Supremacy by 2022, Says Report

The whole world is rushing towards technology adoption especially in space of AI. Today AI has become an essential aspect for even huge economies to stay ahead in the competition. The long-run battle between China and the US to gain

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Does India’s Personal Data Protection Bill Resemble EU’s GDPR or China?

The much-anticipated data protection bill of India was introduced this week by Bhartiya Janata Party in Lok Sabha which leverages new constraints on how corporations in the country can collect and use the information of 1.3 billion people and empower

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China Is Vocally Standing Up for Its Data Protection and Privacy Rights

For Chinese people, the year 2018-19 could be considered as the time for ‘wake up’ to privacy. After Zao apps controversy, Chinese users recently challenged another internet giant, Alibaba. Alibaba’s financial arm, Ant Financial has launched Zhima (Sesame) Credit which

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What Are the Prospects of Robotics Market in China for 2020?

The trade tension between the US and China and global economic slowdown specifically in automotive manufacturing are the two factors that are affecting the robotics market in China. However, political support for domestic innovation and interest in supply chain automation

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Press Releases

Guavus to Bring Telecom Operators New Cloud-based Analytics on their Subscribers and Network Operations with AWS

News Summary: Guavus-IQ analytics on AWS are designed to allow telecom operators to improve customer experience, cut costs, and grow revenue through the use of explainable AI (XAI) and advanced cloud-enabled analytics on subscribers and network operations. Telecom Marketing and

November 13, 2020

Baylor University Invites Application for McCollum Endowed Chair of Data Science

Baylor University is inviting application for the position of McCollum Family Endowed Chair in Data Science in its Computer Science and Informatics Department. The McCollum Family Endowed Chair in Data Science is a research-focused position in the Baylor University Computer

November 11, 2020

While AI has Provided Significant Benefits for Financial Services Organizations, Challenges have Limited its Full Potential

AI can boost the customer experience, but there is opportunity for financial services firms to take an even more customer-centric approach Mumbai, November 9, 2020 – COVID-19 has catalyzed financial services organizations to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve customer

November 9, 2020

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