6 Best Robotic Process Automation Training and Certifications Programs

by August 4, 2019

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that enables IT professionals to configure computer software or a robot to streamline business processes in the enterprise. While the adoption of RPA continues increasing, skills and expertise of RPA tools and deployments will become more significant for business intelligence developers, business analysts, and data or solution architects.

To help the IT workforce to get the latest RPA tools and practices, there are several certifications and training programs are available and emerging as well.

Let’s look at 6 best RPA training and certification courses that promise to teach professionals everything that they need to know about RPA.


UiPath Academy

UiPath is the most popular RPA software vendors in the global market. The company offers its own training program that teaches Project Managers, Program Managers, Technical Leads, Solution Architects how to use the UiPath software to get its full advantage. The course teaches the foundations of RPA and UiPath, where IT practitioners can confidently bring the skills over into their career. The academy module covers the implementation methodology designed by UiPath based on hands-on experience and feedback gleaned from key customers.

The goal behind this training course is to provide the ability to identify the different steps of an RPA implementation, choose the processes suitable for automation, drive an RPA project, and raise RPA Awareness throughout the organization.

Price: Free

Duration: 2-3 hours

Training Mode: Online


Udemy RPA Certification

The Udemy RPA training course offers a five-step process for piloting an RPA in the organization. It also provides the opportunity to develop an actual bot using the UiPath platform. Similar to several online RPA learning courses, the Udemy RPA training program doesn’t require much in the way of previous technical expertise. With the courses from Udemy, learners will be taught what robotic process automation is, how it works and when to apply it; Building a robot using the UiPath RPA platform; A basic 5-step process for piloting RPA in their company; How to grow as an RPA Professional.

Price: $199

Duration: Self-Paced

Training Mode: Online


Multisoft Virtual Academy

Multisoft Virtual Academy offers an online training course on RPA that promises in-depth insight on the process of the automation, helping the IT professionals comprehend the fundamental concept of UI Automation that is required to understand as well as process the data inside a workflow. The online training program creates an opportunity for the professionals, who keen to learn the standards of applying the intelligence of automation in the data workflow. It will also help them to grow as a professional. Multisoft Virtual Academy RPA training program runs for a month with live, instructor-led virtual classes every Saturday and Sunday evening.

Price: $590

Duration: 1 month, 30 hours of coursework

Training Mode: Online


Edureka RPA Training Program

Edureka’s RPA training program using UiPath will prepare learners for UiPath’s RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam so that they can impel RPA initiatives in their organization. The course will guide professionals, who want to learn about RPA, through real-life case studies to emphasize all the key concepts of RPA. The course covers how to use UiPath to create RPA bots, debug and handle problems and perform image and text automation. It also covers monitoring and reporting, RPA development methodologies and lifecycles, and further RPA tools, among other germane topics.

Price: $350

Duration: 4 weeks or 12 days

Training Mode: Online


The RPA Academy

The RPA Academy offers both onsite and online training for individuals and organizations. It also provides courses in many currently popular RPA software tools. The RPA Academy training price relying on what learners seeking; while it offers individual options too. The Academy has also a group training program.

Price: $999 (online certification course); $2,499 (on-site bootcamp); and on-demand courses (free to $499)

Duration: 28 Days or Self-paced

Training Mode: Online & Onsite


MindMajix RPA Training Program

MindMajix RPA online training course offers learning significantly focuses on the fundamentals of automation, especially as it deploys to build and design. This RPA training provides learners a sound understanding of RPA concepts, usability, and application on different tools such as blue prism, automation anywhere and UIpath.

Price: Based on Course

Duration: 30 Hours

Training Mode: Online