40 Under 40 Innovators in 2019

Analytics Insight: 40 Under 40 Innovators in 2019

Analytics Insight presents the annual list of 40 Under 40 Innovators featured in its August 2019 magazine issue. The 40 Under 40 Innovators list recognizes some of the world’s exceptionally talented technologists whose innovations are transforming industries globally. These leaders are disrupting the world around them with their extraordinary vision and leadership quality.

40 Under 40 Innovators in 2019

Andy Clapson

Slice Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) Platform


Chase Tarkenton

Voice of Customer Solution Centred at Cloud-based Performance Analytics


Dane Meah

Developed “The InfoTrust Way” to Secure Organizations and Improve Customer Experience


Dennis Teichmann

Transforming HR as a core business function with jacando HR, Time, CRM and X


Erez Saf

An Innovative Credit Risk Analysis and Management Platform


Havish Madhvapaty

Cost-effective automation of tasks and processes via VBA, Macros, PowerQuery and Pythons


Joanna Riley

An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Talent Intelligence Platform


Dr. Mauricio Moura

Developed Real-Time Digital Anthropology from Crowdsourcing Platform


Pedro Alves

Automation in Data Science Projects for Efficient Business Solutions


S S V S Sarath

Transforming E-commerce with Natural Language-Based Discovery to Drive Decision-Making


Limor BH Epstein

Created AI-powered Real-World Evidence Platform for the Life Sciences and Medical Cannabis Industry


Marat Basyrov

Rapid App Prototyping and Development Made Easy with Adevi


Pantelis Kalogiros

Changing Automotive and E-Commerce Landscape with AI-Powered 3D Interactive Images & Web Viewer


Amit Gautam

Delivering Novel Artificial Intelligence Models to Transform Businesses


Shaun Moore

Creating a Safe and Smart World with Innovative Computer Vision Solutions

Oliver Muenchow

Technology Driven Test and Awareness Platform

Sagi Lamay

Protecting Enterprise’ Endpoints Using Active Deception Technology


Jody Glidden

Strengthening AI-Powered Business Relationships Through Automated CRM Platforms


Sidd Gavirneni

A Technology Platform for Prevention and Minimization of Cyber Risk


Jonathan Chang

Helping Clients Digitize Their Inspection, Diagnosis And Audit Use Cases Via Machine Learning


Liad Agmon

Ensuring Optimal Customer Experience Via AI-Powered Omnichannel Personalization Engine

Kyle Barker

An Adaptive Traffic Management System Acting In Real-Time For Providing Help In Need


Andrew Herbert

Leveraging Easy And Accessible Data-Driven AI Platform For People

Nate Marcus

Anchoring Sophisticated Level Of Event Intelligence Through Personalized Interest Genome

Agustin Caverzasi

Applying Computer Vision To Facilitate New Ways Of Visual-Data Analysis And Monetization


Prabhu Ramachandran

Offering Sustainability Management Through World’s First AI & IoT-Based Real-Time Optimization Software

Alex Kovalenko

Providing Personalise Viewer Experience, Scaled Delivery Through OTT 2.0 Platform



An IoT Platform Helping Businesses Design Rich Context Applications To Improve Customer Experience


Corentin Guillo

New Construction Tracker Detects Construction Projects While Delivering Interpretation Insights Through Image Intelligence


Jonathan Chu

Leveraging AI to Optimizes Building Operation and Energy Consumption


Aarjav Trivedi

The Autonomous New Mobility Solution Enables On-Demand Shuttle Mobility Service


Andrius Sutas

The Suite Of Modules To Build Models Of fraud Behaviour Whilst Monitoring User Behaviour

Sanjay Kalinani

The Cloud-Based Products - Shield and Engage Distract Customers From Cyber Threats

Nir Perry

Providing AI-Based Cyber Risk Profiling Technology For Better Risk Management


Sumanth Naropanth

The Next Generation Products With New Defensive Frameworks Reducing Security Vulnerabilities


Thomas Chung

Leveraging AI to Optimizes Building Operation and Energy Consumption


Sonia Couto

Analyzes Food Composition of Recipes and Provides Nutrition Breakdown and Labels in Menus and Products


Sumit Khandelwal

SaaS Platform That Helps Companies Build a Happy and Engaged Workforce


Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan

Driving Innovation and Transformation in Healthcare


Andrea Bonaceto

Cutting-Edge Innovations in Blockchain Using AI and Automation