40 Under 40 Innovators in 2020

Analytics Insight: 40 Under 40 Innovators in 2020

Analytics Insight presents the annual list of 40 Under 40 Innovators featured in its July 2020 magazine issue. The 40 Under 40 Innovators list features some of the world’s most influential young leaders working at the convergence of disruptive technologies. These highly talented innovators are redefining the future of technology with cutting-edge innovations, demonstrating excellence and a vital contribution to their organizations.

40 Under 40 Innovators in 2020

Arun Jhamb

Automation and Optimization of EY’s Knowledge Management Processes


Assaf Ben Or

Optimizing Resources Efficiency with Innovative Green Energy Network


Dante Cassanego

Rebuilding Customer Trust with Banks Leveraging Conversational AI


Derek Distenfield

“Combining the Power of Innovators to Propel Global Technology Standards” is locked Combining the Power of Innovators to Propel Global Technology Standards


James Tsai

Delivering Immersive Innovations for Business through AR/VR Capabilities


Maninder Singh

Easing the Process of Data Extraction Through ‘IERPExtraction Framework’


Sara Dechmerowski

Leveraging AI and ML to Analyse Human Cognitive Capabilities to Improve Defence Services


Nitin Sharma

Driving Software Innovation with New Tech Methodologies


Prashant Kakade

Enabling Digital Transformation through an Intelligent Enterprise Automation Platform- Av3ar™


Randy Malluk

Delivering World-Class Insights with Data-Driven Technologies


Vishal Srivastava

Driving Smart Decision-Making Through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science