Spoon Guru: Delivering Truly Personalised Food Choices to Customers with AI

The days when customers went through an hour walking around and losing all sense of direction in a food store, regularly with kids close by is progressively turning into a thing of days gone by. The drive towards ultra-convenience in

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PYCO: Providing Personality Data Solutions that Define the Industry Standards

Marketing these days has become more personalized. The more personalized marketing efforts and solutions are the more customer retention and increased sales. In order to come up with personalized marketing strategies, the company needs a lot of data. Data about

Read More Analyzing Performances and Skills, Stationing AI-Driven Real-Time Insights

While a number of businesses are adopting real-time analytics at their workstation, the technology of Artificial Intelligence is elevating it up with a great pace. With the application of AI algorithms along with data analytics, remarkable progress has stride in

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Ingedata: Smart Outsourcing Services with High-Value Expert Innovation

Though data is helping us to grow multifold, a lot of time goes into data cleaning and data segmentation. Structured and unstructured data is to be segmented and then the datasets so created are used for machine learning and deep

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Guavus: Streaming AI and Data Analytics from the Forefront of Integrated Innovation

Guavus offers a platform, the Guavus Reflex Analytics Fabric, (RAF) which makes the development, deployment, and operation of machine learning based applications simple and fast. The company also offers a specific communications service provider (CSP) analytics applications for network operations,

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Forcive: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Drive Innovation

The most exciting part about going through a digital transformative phase is that it keeps the businesses on their feet. Operating in an on-demand digital world keeps companies in public eyes. But above all the randomness, such variables can be

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Directly: Transforming Customer Service Powered by AI and Automation

The automation of our daily existence isn’t a surprising era: from shopping for food to the management of our social life, we easily automate a large number of tasks. Consumer experience automation is no exception. While for many, consumer experience

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Deep Vision AI: Transforming Customer’s Lives with Advanced and Smart Computer Vision

Nowadays, machine vision technologies underpinned with the camera and artificial intelligence has been deployed in varied sectors for image recognition specifically for labeling the content of images with tags, image content searches and guiding autonomous machines including robots, cars or

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DeepCoding: Modelling Better Business Decisions Via Operational Intelligence Tools

To become an Intelligent Enterprise, organizations need to put resources into three key areas: an intelligent suite, smart technologies, and a digital platform. Data is the heart of any organization. Although, IT teams have to work very hard with regards

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TotalStories: Empowering a new generation of citizen journalists with AI

During the 2016 U.S. elections, it became evident the extent to which fake news threatened democracy and had the power of shifting the truth in entirely different directions. Even though the spread of disinformation via digital culture was not so

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