How Big Data Analytics Can Make Your Recruitment Process More Effective

Today, organizations all over the world are leveraging the power of big data in everything from designing workplace policies to social media recruitment. Are you? •  According to a 2015 report by Deloitte, many companies were interested in using big

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All the Benefits Artificial Intelligence Gave Us

There’s no need to say that we live in the age of technology. Artificial intelligence has become something face on a daily basis but have you ever stopped for a second and wondered what are the benefits artificial intelligence brings?

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Pyramid Analytics: Transforming Business Intelligence and Self-Service Analytics

Pyramid Analytics offers a tier one, enterprise-grade “Analytics Operating System” that scales from single-user self-service analytics to thousand-user centralized deployments, covering simple-but-effective data visualizations to advanced machine learning capabilities. The company’s agnostic Analytics OS, Pyramid, features a universal client for any

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GoodData: The Leader in Embedded Analytics & Intelligence

GoodData powers the transformation of decision-making for frontline workers within their daily business processes. The GoodData ​Enterprise Insights Platform​ is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform that gathers data and user decisions and transforms them into actionable insights, delivered at the point of work. This

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Periscope Data: Turning Data Teams into Superheroes!

Big data has become a major theme of technology today. Big data derives most of its value from the insights it produces. The analytical platforms optimized to derive these insights are heralding a brave new world. Periscope Data is an analytics platform that allows

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Datorama: Driving Innovation Through AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence

Datorama is a global technology company providing Marketing Intelligence solutions for data-driven enterprises, agencies and publishers. Datorama’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform gives marketers the ability to centralize all their data into one single source of truth. This automates reporting

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AImotive: Accelerating the Scalable Future of Autonomy

Automakers are facing a self-driving-car disruption largely driven by the tech industry, and consumers are expecting their next cars to be fully autonomous. The technology which powers these vehicles features software and hardware solutions utilizing computer vision and artificial intelligence.

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NetraDyne™: Improving Road Safety with Machine Vision and Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way businesses build products and provide customers with information. Solution providers are using AI to automate routine or inefficient processes, optimize existing solutions and offer new business models. Through the detection and analysis of

Read More Revolutionizing Face Recognition with Intelligent Solutions

The modern technological applications are getting smarter every day with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Face recognition is one such technology which has embraced AI successfully to increase the quality of our lives. Face recognition is capable of serving

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Appier: AI-Powered Customer Analytics & Business Insight Platforms

Appier is a technology company which aims to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to help enterprises solve their most challenging business problems. Appier was established in 2012 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data

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