Why is Marketing Analytics Important?

by September 22, 2017

There is absolutely no second thought about the credibility and consistency of various analytical tools available in the market. Those tools have helped several businesses to use their resources efficiently, improving their operational excellence. Marketing analytics is rising like a superstar, benefiting its clients over conventional tactics. It enable marketers to identifying opportunities for improvement by studying key business metrics. Let’s understand step-by-step how marketing analytics helps you grow your business and your brand.


What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics involves set of practices and tools that empower marketers to evaluate the attainment of their marketing resourcefulness. The evaluation can be done by determining business effectiveness. Marketing analytics works on business-critical facts, like return on investment (ROI), marketing acceptance by end customer and global marketing success. Other modern advanced web marketing features like paid search marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) has helped marketing analytics to shine like never before. Simply, marketing analytics supports businesses to conclude if, marketing programs are truly performing? Or not.


How it Helps?

Marketing analytics, specifically web marketing analytics, aids in checking operations and their individual upshots, thus empowering in optimum and efficient use of available resources. Marketing analytics is widely used to get a clear vision about the strategic performance of the marketing activities. Fundamentally, analytics pull together data from all marketing networks and merges it into a collective marketing dashboard, from which comparative decisions can be made out. Nowadays, marketers are using the model data to have a watch at all the marketing channels via a single tool. The comparative statistical representation of results empowers these marketers to take a safe and sound decision.


How to get most out of Marketing Analytics?

In order to get most out of anything, certain guidelines and trails are to be followed. For marketing analytics, following noted steps, can make your marketing campaign effective.

1) Playing with Past Data

The historical data about the marketing patterns must be used actively, to trace out most successful tactics. All the statistical data related to approaches and practices can be used to segregate among fruitful and failed marketing tactics.

2) Dig Present Data

Analyzing the present data can lead to an all-new way to success. Marketing analytics helps to decide whether the implemented practices are fruitful or not? And if not, then corrective and preventive actions can be determined and initiated.

3) Predicting the Future

Marketing analytics assist marketers in forecasting the future possibilities and threats that can impact business goals. The whole forecasting thing is a data-driven activity which is reliable.

The below infographic designed by Agency Sparks demonstrates how to run successful marketing campaigns using data.

Things to Consider Before Implementation?

Marketing Analytics is undoubtedly the best solution available to cater business needs. But, before going into, you need to consider the following points,

• Which marketing attributes should be selected for analytics?

• How do analytical technologies contrast?

• What’s trending in the market?

• How do these analytical technologies incorporate with your ongoing marketing practices?

Confirming all the above aspects, subsequently one can successfully go for marketing analytics.



Awareness about tech trends and competition in businesses is on the verge these days. Many marketers are ready to face risk to stand out in the market. On the contrary, small businesses are still a bit hesitant to flow with marketing analytics. Nevertheless, the fact remains unchanged. The marketers are supposed to help businesses turn into more customer-centric and it can be accomplished by gathering and analyzing customer data.

With the introduction of social media and the capability to monitor surfing and buying manners on the internet, marketers do have new insights about customers, trends leading to appropriate decision-making. Precisely, marketing analytics is a boon for all size and segments of the business. If played on correct grounds with all the attributes well defined, then no one can stop your organization to fly with different colors of success.